Seasonal Guests

Doro Carl


The millennia-old landscape of the Wadden Sea has been protected as a natural heritage site for decades and is now facing destruction more than ever. The essayistic short film examines how this uncertain transition cannot be seen but can be imagined with images from an intermediate world.


Miguel Angel Tamayo


Thirteen year old Lola has grown up fast with her boozer father as they live and work at a gritty motel – the Sunnyside. Lola dreams of finding her absent mother but things turn from bad to worse when she learns she is pregnant. As a young drifter checks in, Lola sees a new opportunity to finally escape the Sunnyside for good.

The First Word

Artak Serovani-Oganyan


A mother and son live in seclusion and make coal for sale. They don't need words in their work and in their everyday lives; they understand each other with none. What would cause this silence to be broken?

Melting Landscapes Glaciers

Pepe Molina Cruz


This documentary, showing the slow, but constant melting of our earth’s glaciers and its relationship with climate change, was shot in Antarctica, Argentina, Chile, Greenland and Iceland. The study of our planet’s glaciers is key to understanding climate change.

Above the Dead Sea

Lior Cohen


Above the Dead Sea explores the beauty and tragedy of the lowest point on Earth.

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