Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk

Poland / Ukraine

Petro receives a tragic news that interrupts his preparation for an important weightlifting competition.

Brooklyn Park

Nikola Duravcevic


Poetic and lyrical, Brooklyn Park is a modern-day immigrant tale that explores alienation, grief, and transcendence.

The Man Who Planted A Forest

Sajeed A


In 1979 a young boy saw dead animals around a barren river bank. To help the animals, he started planting saplings in the middle of a barren wasteland in Assam. We went in search of him and to see the world he created. 40 years later.

The Invisible Monster

Javier Fesser Perez de Petinto, Guillermo Fesser Perez


Aminodin’s father always smiles because he says “happy people live longer”. That’s why, at 8 years old, Aminodin puts his best smile while working at the Papandayan dump, where he lives with his family.

The Land of Ants

Isa Babae


A metaphor for the story of the lives of ants who did not operate explosive mines during the war are still hoping for work, effort, and life, but fall into the unwanted.

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