Blueprint For A Future

Joe Pisciotta


After consequent triumphs accomplished by YPG and YPJ against the terrorist groups, some officials in the Syrian regime fabricate false statements on the media saying that YPG and YPJ are our allies and they are coordinating with the Syrian regime.


Vladimir Eysner


Boundless, sun-scorched steppe. Heat, wind. This is the Altai Territory. The very border with Kazakhstan. More recently, in these places, came a string of camels. They brought salt, without which no lunch, breakfast or dinner can do. Now, instead of camels, trains run along the railroad tracks, and in the cars the same salt. Nature, ecology, man. How do they affect each other? This is our film.

The Girl with blue eyes

Alireza Mirasadollah

United Kingdom

An Phouc is an 11 years old girl from Vietnam. Her pairs of big bright blue eyes attracted many photographers from all around the world to visit her. She is one of the Vietnam tourist attractions icons but despite all that, An Phouc and her family are suffering from poverty and struggling with racism.

The Stone Guest

Marina Fomenko

Russian Federation

The key figure of the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917 in Russia was Lenin. After his death in 1924 Lenin’s image was immortalized in countless numbers of monuments in the Soviet Union and in the Soviet bloc’s countries. There is neither living nor dead Lenin in the film; only “the stone guest” become ingrained in Soviet people lives after his death.

Under A Shiny Sky

Ahmed Mücahid Aydoğan


Thousands of people have died in Syria since the war has begun in 2010. Millions of people have been forced to migrate to other countries or another places inside the country. Sidhra, Mostafa, Raghat, Verde and Ammar are just a few of those people…

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