27 Second memory

Ivan Kachalin

Russian Federation

Every year, October 26, on the anniversary of the attack on Dubrovka, relatives of the victims and former hostages gather in the square in front of the scene of the tragedy. The next day, clearing the area. And so – every year.


Jitendra Rai


Millions of children are engaged in child labour in India, in an increasingly growing number every year. And with that, millions of childhood dreams are never realised as a result of a lack of education. Baitullah is the story of one such child, with a dream, surviving in the maddening metropolis of Mumbai, waiting for someone to notice.

Bonbon Das Musical

Daniel Meier


When Jussel Meyer, a child model of a famous candy brand suffocates while choking on a candy it calls for a new casting to find the next commercial face. Patricia, Jussels former nanny wants to prevent at any cost that someone else fills.

Panta Rhei

Lukas Gawenda


Panta Rhei is an audiovisual journey through magical Icelandic In conjunction with the specially composed music, the film opens a space for contemplation and stimulates the audience to actively observe a "time-lapse in slow-motion".

Tante Care Cose

David Fratini


An elderly woman leaves her home to spy on her daughter, a tramp living on the street. The elderly woman thus seeks shelter between the warmth and joy of her youthful memories. A journey into the past, an escape from the present.

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