Farshid Abdi


One soldier is bewildered to obey his duty or listen to his heart’s sound in one operation.


Lee Gilat


Leah forces her younger sister Batya to confront their father’s mental illness for the first time in a very long time. Leah is finally fed up with her role to solely care for their father. She is tired of living her life according to the patterns of his mental illness and being responsible for his care and she decides to drastically alter her situation. Zviki, their father, refuses to be hospitalized and this forces the two girls to spend an entire day together. They move closer and further apart from each other and from their beloved and sick father.


Rob Zywietz

United Kingdom

Granny delights in showing her granddaughter Jess the secrets of her make-up box, but she is unprepared for a journey that leads her back into her past.


Sachin Shivaji Chavan


Story revolves around a small village, where village friends Vija and Raja has different level of bonding. They are go friends and used to share their feelings and emotions. One day all of a sudden Raja is missing which is a worry for Vija. But at one point of time, they both unite and they are now very happy.


Sergi Merchan


Five businesswoman decide to throw a banquet to raise some money for the poor children in Africa. Racism, homophobia and quite many other inequalities, will be the main dishes of the menu.

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