Too Late

Kinga Syrek


The protagonist of the animated film is Edie Sedgwick, a model, actress, and star of Andy Warhol's films. The film, however, is not about her relationship with Warhol, but the relationship with her toxic father. Her difficult childhood has cast a shadow on her adult life, soaked with alcohol and filled with drugs. The protagonists are depicted in silhouettes, resembling paper cut-outs or puppets from a shadow theatre

The Nest

Gracjana Piechula


It is 1968. Jacob, studying in Czechoslovakia, unexpectedly visits his family home in Poland. The seemingly idyllic atmosphere of the meeting after a long separation is gradually disturbed by the real reason for Jacob's visit. The boy, torn by doubts after hearing rumors about his father, tries to find out what the truth is.

The Dress

Tadeusz Łysiak


Lust, sexuality and physicality. These are the deepest desires virgin Julia suppresses while working at a wayside motel. That is until she crosses paths with a handsome truck driver, who soon becomes the object of her fantasies...

Dad You've Never Had

Dominika Łapka


A subtly and sensitively told story of a daughter’s complicated relationship with her father. She sets off on a journey to see the man who abandoned her in the past. Her father lets her into his flat and tries to answer her questions.


Joanna Brodawka-Zygmunt


Andrzej Szopa – one of the youngest residents of the House for retired Polish Artists in Skolimów (colloquially called the Actor's House) shows us around this institution revealing the realities of its inhabitants.

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