Jakub Dobkiewicz


During a family meeting mother and two daughters talk about an enigmatic episode from the late father's life. Despite some objections one of the two daughters decides to find the answear to the question bothering her. The story is based on true events.


Grzegorz Porzeziński


Marian, an old bicycle champion works in a junkyard. Having enough of living in loneliness tries to find love through the internet. But finding love is not as easy as he would have hoped.


Grzegorz Krawiec


A train stops in a middle of nowhere because of a girl jumping in front of it. It's summer, so while waiting for the police, the passengers leave the hot train and start to have a picnic nearby, just few meters away from the dead body. People seem to be angrier at the train being held up than caring about the girl's death. But who or what was a real reason behind her demise?

Szklane negatywy

Jan Borowiec


During renovation of the tenement house in Lublin in 2010, workers discovered wall that hasn't been placed on the building's plan. Behind the wall they found collection of 2700 photos developed on glass. These glass negatives show people who used to live in Lublin almost 100 years ago.

Stary człowiek i wiadro

Tomasz E. Rudzik


After his wife's death and his son’s emigration to England loneliness has made the former shoemaker, Mr. Wojcik (75) become a misanthrope. The story of an encounter between a homophobe and a transvestite, overcoming fears and prejudices towards the unknown.

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