Nominated films 2022


Hossein Najjari, Fatemeh Siahati


The film is made with a critical look at the deprived area of Angoran (Zanjan), which has the largest lead and zinc mine in the Middle East.

The Dreams Of Lonely People

Marek Leszczewski


After twenty years in prison, a man returns to his family home to die alone. A mysterious figure from the magical world of nature begins to appear in his surroundings. Getting to know her could be the best time of his life. What are the real consequences of this meeting?

A city without sky

Zain Issa


About the life of a young man living in a conflict area in Damascus city during the war. His feelings about his city and his home. He doesn't know what will happen to him tomorrow or in a few hours. This is the fear that war gives him...

Hey, Gunesh!

Marita Tevzadze, Ana Jegnaradze


Gunesh is a 9 year old girl. She lives in Georgia and belongs to the Azeri minority who traditionally lead a nomadic life. Gunesh speaks almost no Georgian. Under the watchful eye of her father, she manages as best she can and tirelessly repeats the few words of Georgian she knows, among which are those she dreams about - the book, the teacher and the school.

Bangka on the Edge

Himawan Pratist


Bangka Island is the largest producer of tin in the world. Behind all its beautiful charm, illegal tin mining leaves an immeasurable social and environmental impact.

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