Nominated films 2023

Point Jordan

Pol Miró Sánchez


D-Day. Lost and alone behind enemy lines, a young American paratrooper will soon discover that his mission has changed.


Anthony Chambeau


Homeless and addicted to crack, Omar smokes all through the night in Malia's tent, a prostitute who disappears when he wakes up the next day. He leaves in search of his friend as the effects of crack wears off and the anxiety settles down...

Austrian Bridge

Ahmad Azad


The documentary film is the story of the history of the Versak bridge. It was built 70 years ago and until today 88 years have passed.Versak Bridge is considered as one of the important symbols for the people of Iran and the country's railways, which during this era brought prosperity economic, political and cultural.

Il Pettirosso

Francesco Eramo


The Robin is a circus acrobat, who's victim of the violence of her partner, the clown of the same circus company. It's under the chapiteau, the stage of their performances, that the woman will try to take her life back.

A mountain of memories

Julen Zubiete


Julen approaches Jose, one of the last shepherds of his town, wanting to portray a way of life that ends. In the time that both spend together the doors to the past open to observe what has remained behind.

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