Nominated films 2023

The Illusions of a Wild Anemone

Mehdi Shabani


In 1962, Furug Farrokhzad, a founder of modern Persian poetry and an icon in women's issues in Iran, made her first and last film: “The House is Black,” a lyrical documentary about a leper colony in northeastern Iran. She would die prematurely shortly after. Nearly 55 years after her tragic death, the young Turkish actress Derya decided to put on a monologue reciting Farrokhzad's poetry in Istanbul. Her quest: to renew her art at a time when women's rights in Turkey are under attack. "The Red Illusions of a Wild Anemone" is a mental dialogue between Derya and Furug. It is a dialogue between two women, from two generations and two countries who share parallel threats to their existence in dark times of "leprosy."

Bloody Tradition - Agree to Disagree

Jitse de Graaf, Martijn Kramer


September 12, 2021: The day 1500 white sided dolphins were slaughtered in Skálabotnur. The fjord in the Faroe Islands turned red and many people from abroad were furious: this slaughter must stop! During this documentary you’ll discover who the people behind the Grind are, what their view is on the 'traditional' pilot whale hunt and how they look to the future of the Grind. Questions to which both sides - supporters and opponents of the tradition - want to know the answers, but will probably never agree on. Let's agree to disagree.

Ten days

Yerzat Meirambek


After enduring ten horrific days in the basement of their Kiev home during the early days of Russia's attack on Ukraine, Anastasia, her mother, and her daughter set out on a long, harrowing trip to safety in the United States.

601. Bucha's tragedy

Agnieszka Żądło


The film tells the stories of several people connected by the tragedy in Bucha, which took place during the Russian occupation near Kyiv in March and April 2022. We find the heroes at the point where the first "dust" of the drama unfolding before the eyes of the world has already settled. But is the terrible thing in their lives really over?

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