Nominated films 2022

The Bitter Almond

Mahnaz Ebrahimzadeh


Atieh is a seven-year-old girl who lives in a troubled family and the social emergency of the welfare center is trying to take her to a child care center, but Atieh and her mother are against it.


Samuel Pastor


Mother and twin sons are socially rejected because of being twins. In the Mananjary region of Madagascar, there is a popular belief that twins are carriers of misfortunes.

LA LIXEIRA (the dump) - the invisibles' dignity

Guido Galante, Antonio Notarangelo


Maputo, the capital city of Mozabimque, has one or may be two million inhabitants. A few neighborhoods have houses or more precisely brick shacks, some paved roads, mostly a wide range of huts without basic sanitation services, where day by day men, women and children scrape food together in slow and quiet despair-the only chance they have to survive.

In Pursuit Of Light

Amit Rai


In India around 2 million cases of cataract are reported every year. This leads to 80.7% of severe visual impairment and 63% blindness. Of these cases, 93% of blindness and 96.2% is completely avoidable. But due to illiteracy, lack of awareness, and proper medical facilities these figures have never really changed. Many government initiatives have not managed to overcome this crisis.

Under the Shadow of the Wall

Taylor Genovese


This video essay focuses on the landscapes of the Sonoran Desert—and the project of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico—as a way of investigating the manner in which something as seemingly generic as a wall can take on particular political and affective forms.

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