Nominated films 2023

Jaimito. The kid of jokes

Juanma Juárez


Through a series of never-seen-before footage and interviews with the people who knew him, this documentary tells the story of Jaimito, the boy from the jokes; from a traumatic childhood where he had to watch an entire country make fun of him, to his rocky beginnings as a stand-up comedian, and that tragic event that put an end to his career.

One Way Journey

José Gomez De Vargas

Dominican Republic

RICARDO, a former gang member, tries to keep his son JOEL out of the streets, but the legacy he has laid over his son is stronger than Ricardo´ss intentions. Joel ascends on the gang´s hierarchy when he defeats CHIVO, another gang member, who desperately seeks the same goal as Joel. Things go out of control, Joel´s life is threatened.

The Father, The Son and The Rav Kelmenson

Dayan D. Oualid


Yoel, 30, is what was called in the 90s a “Lubavitch”, an Orthodox Jew. Every Saturday morning, he goes, accompanied by his 6-year-old son, to honor Shabbat in the synagogue in his neighborhood, a primary school set up for the occasion. That day, the rabbi of the community of devotees, Rav Kalmenson, an impressive man with his charisma and his long beard, will challenge Yoel by announcing to him that his son “is lighting up”.


Fabien Luszezyszyn


Amidst the horror of WWI, the trenches become the unexpected backdrop to the union of two beings.

FONS VITAE: A New Era For The Planet

Eduardo Soutullo


Fons Vitae (The Source of Life), an international supercomputer installed in a satellite, was programmed to put an end to a virus that is destroying life on Earth. Its success starts a new era of perfect ecological balance for the planet, but with unsuspected consequences for the human species.

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