Nominated films 2022


Júlia de Paz


Carmela, a 12-year-old girl, on her birthday, is forced to meet her father in a family meeting centre, due to the sentence of gender violence that he has against her mother.

A Roll in the Hay

Geoffrey Fighiera


Laurent takes mistress his country vacation home for the weekend leaving his wife, Isabelle, bedridden and in the midst of a nervous breakdown. But Isabelle surprises them in the house, armed with a revolver and determined to make them face the price of betrayal...

The Untouchable

Avazeh Shahnavaz


The police arrives to control a scene made by a young girl...

My Coffin

Maciej Marczewski


One morning Tomasz wakes up and realizes that he is dead. At least in the eyes of her wife and friends. Will he be able to interrupt the funeral in time or will he wake up in a coffin?


Ali Özgür Baltaoğlu


An armed thug chases down a young man and they end up entering the kid's family home where he finds out that it's the mother's birthday. At the end of the dinner, neither of them is the same person they were in the beginning of the night.

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