Nominated films 2023

The Art of Breaking Up

Michał Michalski


A 22 years old teen meets his girlfriend in a restaurant to break up. But she resists and behaves extremely unusual.

The Ballerina

Adam Hartwiński


A policewoman, dedicated to her work, gives unpleasant information to a woman who immediately forgets about it.

Only Until Down

Eliza Godlewska, Alan Ruczyński


Fifty-year-old Roma has the worst time of her life – she lost a roof over her head. Nevertheless, she will not return to her husband as she chose freedom. When things get even worse, all she can do is escape from harsh reality for a brief moment.


Daniel Le Hai


An older man (Jerzy Nasierowski) is attacked in his own home by a far-right group. Initially, the attack seems random, but later it turns out to be planned - the older man and the leader of the extremist group Andrzej (Jan Litvinovich) are related. The film is about revenge and morally gray areas. Can Andrzej's extreme behavior be justified?

The last film before the end of the world

Agnieszka Kalińska


One day before the end of the world, a girl living secretly in an abandoned cinema meets someone who makes her wish that the end wouldn't have come so Fast

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