Nominated films 2023


José (putxa) Puchades Martínez, David Maqueda Pavo, Julieta Gasroc


Eugenio is an elderly puppeteer with more past than present, living anchored to a wheelchair and the remembrance of his late spouse. Ramon is a young assistant that helps Eugenio day to day and is complicit in his fantasy.

Beloc The Blind

Dídac C. Forroll


A blind man and his homeless guide survive in the harsh medieval times by traveling through the mountains and stealing from the corpses they find along the way.

When The Night Comes

Katarzyna Sikorska


It’s wartime. Maria finds out her husband Jan is in the hospital. It turns out the man does not recognize her. Maria has doubts whether Jan has actually lost his memory, or is he lying to avoid punishment for potential desertion. The many understatements and secrets cause confusion. Night mixes with day, for both the audience, and our heroes. Is any of this real? Maybe it’s all a dream, maybe a figment of a traumatized mind.

Winter Bloom

Ivan Krupenikov


The world is destroyed by an ecological catastrophe. An old mercenary, experiencing severe health problems, looks for a way to retire and finally gets a job that would grant him that. A simple job of escorting a girl from A to B, will uncover a secret that will push our character to reexamine his perspective on the world.

Half Soul

Marven Trabelsi


In a world materialized and devoid of humanity the sale of souls becomes a very successful business, suicidal offers their souls against a monetary value offered to their family, it is the fantastic story of a father who is obliged to sell his soul to save the life of his dying baby girl.

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